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Illustrative image depicting a situation involving pregnancy discrimination in a New York City office.

Pregnancy Discrimination is Illegal in New York State

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Pregnancy Discrimination Law Cases.

Pregnancy Discrimination in New York State

Have you been a victim of Pregnancy Discrimination at work in New York City or New York State?

Pregnancy discrimination happens when an employee or applicant is unfairly treated or harassed because she is pregnant. Employees may not be terminated, demoted, reassigned, or otherwise harassed because they are pregnant or because of an illness related to their pregnancy. Federal and New York laws prohibit this kind of discrimination in the workplace and pregnant women are a protected.

Illustrative image depicting a situation involving pregnancy discrimination in a New York City office.

Illustrative image depicting a situation involving pregnancy discrimination in a New York City office.

Under federal and local family laws, mothers and fathers have the right to take up to 10 weeks of paid leave from work to be with their new baby. You can use the program up to 12 months after birth. In addition, employees participating in the NYSPFLs program can receive up to 60% of their salary, with a maximum weekly payout of $840.70.

According to the ADA, pregnancy itself is not protected, but pregnancy-related complications that prevent a worker from engaging in meaningful life activities are covered. Thus, for example, complications involving the expectant mother in bed rest are protected under the ADA.

Special New York Rules

New York City has several laws that protect workers and applicants from pregnancy discrimination. For example, New York City Human Rights Law (NYC HRL) protects women from discrimination because of pregnancy if they are currently pregnant, planning a pregnancy, and work for an employer with 15 or more employees. In addition, the Pregnancy Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) protects women from pregnancy discrimination in workplaces with four or more employees.

Pregnancy discrimination in New York City can take many forms. Here are some ways it affects individuals and couples who are expecting or planning to start a family.

  • Unequal Treatment
  • Refusal of Promotions
  • Insistence on Medical Leave
  • Job Filled while on Leave
  • Refusal of Workplace Accommodation

If you are a victim of workplace pregnancy discrimination, New York courts can offer various kinds of relief to help you get the justice you deserve.

The good news is that a lawsuit for discrimination against pregnant women in New York City won’t take that long to settle. Contact an experienced lawyer for pregnancy discrimination. If you are still working, do not terminate your job without consulting your lawyer. Instead, decide whether to take legal action against your employer if pregnancy discrimination is not taken seriously.

Document the incident, who was involved, when the incident occurred, and what happened.

Pregnancy should be something to celebrate. If you are a victim of pregnancy discrimination in New York City, contact an attorney at Stillman Legal P.C. Please contact us for a free consultation.

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